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I've been traveling around the world for over 2 years — here are the 13 best budget hacks that will …

I've been living and traveling abroad for two years, and I've learned plenty of budget hacks along the way. You can save a ton of money while traveling …Read more

Ive been traveling around the world for over 2 years here are the 13 best budget hacks that will make your next vacation cheaper

A couple years ago Ive learned that many budget hacks are universal and can be used worldwide So take it from a perpetual traveler Here are 13 of the best ways Ive learned to save money while living and traveling abroad You may not even realize
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15 things I learned about air travel after traveling the world for a year

Last August I got fleeced for over 100 in fees on a flight with a budget airline Read more Ive been traveling the world for 6 months and Im rarely ever jet-lagged Heres the best advice I can give you On the flight I drink tons of water
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Traveling Around The Globe With a Budget of 1000Month

Today Id like to share some lessons Ive learned traveling and exploring the world with an average budget of 1000month environment and clears my head Ive been regularly exercising for around 14 years now and hitting the gym or going for
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15 Cheaper Ways to Travel Around the World

2 Buy a Round-the-World Flight adventures traveling this way When I was a student in Paris 20 years ago the youth Eurail pass was the obvious way to get around Europe on the cheap But for those over 25 and with the advent of budget airlines
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Traveling with Anxiety 13 Ways to Relax and Enjoy Your Trip

Despite the challenges you dont need to let anxiety keep you from exploring the world Here are 13 best get around the city can help you feel more confident in a new place One caveat Theres a fine line between a well-planned itinerary and an
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The Best Cameras to Take Traveling

So if you need help choosing one for your next adventure heres your guide to five of the most popular camera styles out there best suited for your next trip around the world of serious dads the world over Consider this the compromise between
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