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Hydroponics technology to ensure food security

ISLAMABAD: Water, energy and food systems are inter-linked via a nexus. In the basic sense, one joule of energy produced, inputs into one drop of …Read more

Rooftop garden project helps the less privileged with food security

Could Agriculture Bloom in the Desert?

Nigeria entrepreneur converts shipping containers into productive farms

Nigeria goes hydroponic | DW English

Hydroponics technology to ensure food security

ISLAMABAD Water energy and food systems are inter-linked via a nexus In the basic sense one joule of energy produced inputs into one drop of water distributed which grows one calorie of food
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Former naval officer is teaching farmers and students to employ hydroponics for better food security in India

Another noteworthy idea he executed is the creation of food parks in the semi-urban limits of large cities using techniques based on hydroponics His goal was to ensure people lead a self-sustaining life and consume only clean green pesticide-free
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The Verdict Is Out From The Gods Of Nutrition State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World 2019

Technology has we must integrate food security and nutrition concerns into poverty reduction efforts to make the most of the synergies between eradicating poverty hunger food insecurity and malnutrition We must also ensure that reducing gender
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From sky farms to lab-grown shrimp Singapore eyes food future

Vegetable seedlings are pictured at Comcrops rooftop hydroponics farm at an industrial estate in Whenever I talk about food security in Singapore I tell folks dont think land – think space Because you can go upwards and sideways said Professor
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Hydroponic Trial and Demonstration Center opens in Al Khor

Doha Hydroponic Trial and Demonstration Center was opened in is aligned with Amir H H Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thanis 2030 vision to achieve food security in Qatar Holsether expressed Yara International has committed to help to develop
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Hydroponic Food Produce Tackles Rising Concerns Over Food Safety Issues – Pegasus Agriculture

One of the most intensely debated topics the issue of food safety is gaining prominence worldwide as governments are taking uncompromising measures to ensure the welfare of and food safety at the same time Hydroponic farming tackles the issue
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