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Humanitarian situation in Burkina Faso worsens as armed attacks persist: UN

UNITED NATIONS, July 11 (Xinhua) — The humanitarian emergency in Burkina Faso is worsening as recurrent armed attacks and insecurity continue to force people to flee their homes, a UN spokesman said Thursday. "Nearly 220,000 people are now …Read more

Security Council voices concern over situation in Sahel region condemns Mali rebellion

Mondays presidential statement also condemned the attacks of Humanitarian Affairs OCHA and other UN agencies to provide assistance and draw international attention to the scale of the problem in the Sahel On a visit to Burkina Faso last week
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Insecurity has pushed people to their limits

According to the UN refugee agency UNHCR more than 130000 Malian refugees have sought refuge in neighbouring countries such as Burkina Faso attacks for reasons of ethnic affiliation or suspected links with armed groups All this is made worse
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Tuareg Refugees Are Stuck Between Poverty and Violence

Burkina Faso UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon expressed alarm at the deteriorating security in Mali noting clashes between government troops and armed groups as well as between Islamists and the MNLA The Tuareg were suffering revenge attacks and
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Malis mounting crisis sows insecurity and fear

The humanitarian situation in northern areas is critical among the worst the ICRC has seen since starting its operations there more than 20 years ago and is getting steadily worse in central forces from Burkina Faso Chad Mauritania Mali
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Sahel food crisis has been made worse by the widespread unrest in Africa

For a sense of the scale of the problem consider the amount of relief money the UN has called into Niger and Burkina Faso which are already under pressure to feed their own populations Experts predict that the situation will worsen after rebels
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Africa Amnesty International Report 2012 – Regional Overview for Africa

Security forces used live ammunition against anti-government protesters in Angola Burkina Faso and the UN Security Council failed to take any concrete action to address the situation including by not condemning the lack of humanitarian access
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