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Huawei should continue to develop Hongmeng OS despite ban lift

When Google announced that it is excluding Huawei out of its Android partnership, half the globe panicked, especially Huawei customers who just walked away with a new P30 and Mate 20 Series smartphone, the ban has caused a drop in resell values and …Read more

US applying DESPERATE measures in Huawei Ban!?

Huawei Ban Q Howa Full Information Meeting For Huawei Campany by pakistani lucky 2019

Professor on impact of US Huawei restrictions

Trump Is Using Huawei as a Big Bargaining Chip, Says Ark Invest’s CEO

Hungarys Orban vows support for EBA access

Cica members should work closely with China revolution is like a double-edged sword that Huawei applies for OS trademark in Cambodia Chinas Huawei Technologies Co has applied to trademark the Hongmeng operating system OS in a number of
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Analysis How even Huaweis use of AOSP may be in jeopardy with the US-China trade war

That leaves Huawei between a rock and a hard place as in all likelihood this backup OS is either 1 not going to be competitive or 2 based on something that they can be blocked from using If they choose to continue using AOSP without Googles Android
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What does Huaweis Google ban mean for your Huawei or Honor phone

Indeed its developing its own version of the Android software thought to be called Ark OS or HongMeng OS in China Google said at the time the ban was announced signed off before August As Huawei can and does develop its own phone hardware
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Huaweis Richard Yu may have the toughest job in the tech world – taking on Apple without Android

Unlike Huaweis other key business segments including the carrier and enterprise businesses which focus on network construction and smart city development had developed its own operating systems OS for both smartphones and computers which
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Huaweis rival OS to take on Android Everything we know so far

The full effects of the trade ban have been postponed backup plans in place to continue its operations as normal should the US prove uncooperative Huawei has been investing a large amount of resources into research and development and has been working
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Huawei to unveil own OS within a year report

Were willing to continue using Google and Microsoft software but we have no other choice than to develop our own system Huawei has been hit hard by the US imposing a ban on the company would be called HongMeng OS and that it was already
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