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Huawei sales grow 23% despite US restrictions on its business

Shenzhen (CNN Business) Huawei is still growing despite a continued US campaign aimed at crimping its global reach. Sales jumped to more than $58 billion in the first six months of this year, boosted by growth in the Chinese tech firm’s smartphone …Read more

Huawei Says Revenue Jumped 23 Despite Tensions With US

Chinese tech giant Huawei says its revenue for the first half of 2019 soared 23 from a year ago added Huawei to an entity list placing sweeping restrictions on US companies doing business with the Shenzhen-based company and dozens of its
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Huawei sales grow 23 despite US restrictions on its business

The Shenzhen-based company said that revenue for the first half of 2019 jumped by about 23 compared to the same period last year Huawei sells more telecommunications equipment than any other company in the world and is a leading smartphone brand that
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Huawei sales up 23 in H1 despite US ban smartphone shipments grow 24

Huawei said its business remained robust in the first half of 2019 despite the US ban inflicted on the company in May Revenues for the six months rose 232 percent to CNY At Huaweis carrier business H1 sales reached CNY 1465 billion
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Huawei Sales Growth Slumps as US Sanctions Start to Bite

Liang said sales had recovered to a level that was 80 that prior to the US ban adding that the company would not give up its overseas business because of the restrictions Given the
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Huawei defies waves of accusations to 23 growth

It seems not even the White House can stop the progress of Huawei as the vendor records 23 H1 year-on-year growth despite being the focal point of the US its own sales by 31 in the market This will explain growth in the consumer business with
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Huaweis first-half revenue surged 232 despite major risks ahead

Huaweis first-half revenue grew 232 impact of US technology restrictions is yet to emerge The Chinese telecom giant said US sanctions had caused some disturbances to its business but the impact was controllable Business was growing rapidly
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