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How transhumance is the future

For centuries, in the flatlands of southern Spain, one of the country's longest cattle migrations has occurred. But now, technology is opening up new …Read more

Abeilles transhumance vers la bruyère des Landes.

WEST AFRICA : Support transhumance

Transhumance and Spirituality in Italy

Tribes of Kutch "Needle Craft"

Cattle the new frontier of conflict and climate change in Africa

But this pattern which is called transhumance seems to have been shifting over the that this is really a key frontline of ongoing and future conflict in the region While all agree to date the evidence is patchy There was a clear call in the
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The photographers exposing the Arctics chaos and climate change

Now that anyone with a phone is a potential paparazzo theres been chatter for a while about threats to the future of photojournalism and on their seasonal transhumance movements Last year the melting of the permafrost meant that this
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The right way to measure college learning

Joe came to UW having taken college courses in high school He was questioning a future in aerospace engineering after major on the Eve model of human ancestry and on seasonal transhumance in the late Stone Age After he graduated Joe overcame
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Import and Die Self-sufficiency and Food Security in India

But there is also a World Bank-backed plan for the future of India and the majority of farmers don compulsive migration to cities is often a case of distress transhumance These migrants then become the new serfs of the informal services
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INEC Will Be Exactly Independent Buhari Declares In Independence Day Speech

Ours is an ambitious nation and as citizens we have every right to look forward to the future with confidence and optimism in finding durable solution to this problem This being a transhumance issue we are working with countries in our region
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Central African farmers and Sudanese herders sign agreement to prevent cross-border conflicts in Birao

Tensions and violence reached peaks during transhumance periods Through the Birao Agreement of farmer and herder communities has been set up to prevent and manage future disputes between the parties that could lead to a breach of the Birao Agreement
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