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How to Travel at Home: Finding New Routes Through Our Daily Lives

Grandpa Schiffman joshed that he was taking us grandkids on an ocean voyage to Europe. The round trip on the Staten Island Ferry to the city's …Read more

How to Travel at Home Finding New Routes Through Our Daily Lives

Find a new place to travel to every day Go as far as your legs or bicycle will take you wherever you are in the world And dont be afraid to put away your mapping app and get lost Photo by Saketh GarudaUnsplash Richard Schiffman posted Jul 11 2019
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8 of the best home security systems according to people who use them

But if you know where to look you can find options that come close for just about any living situation When you get existential about it much of our daily lives revolve around the notion of
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Traveling the ancient Incense Route in the Negev

Close your eyes and travel back in time 2000 years harsh desert was colonized for agriculture through the use of highly sophisticated irrigation systems says Zehavi End your tour of the Incense Route at Avdat or go northwest to Shivta National
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10 Tips For Busy Entrepreneurs Who Want To Organize Their Work From Home and Travel Lives

My biggest issue and I am sure you can relate is when I find myself Just as our lives change our needs morph as well Just as our work environments are ever-changing and there is more of an overlap between our workhome life you need to evolve
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Work camps traffic concern residents along Keystone XL route

For some who now live and work along the pipeline route lives in Haakon County is a barren stretch of rolling South Dakota prairie By June that pastureland will be transformed into a bustling city of up to 1400 people who will live travel daily
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Train that goes through scenic route forced to shut outdoor carriage due to dangerous selfies

Scenic shots are nothing new on Instagram but those risking their lives will now be unable to do so on the trains viewing carriage The 217-mile route passes through some of the signs and announcements on board our trains pointing out the dangers
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