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How to spot hidden resort fees when you're booking travel

When you're shopping online for a travel deal to a vacation getaway, it's common to be lured in by a price. After all, many of us choose our destination …Read more

Expedia Mulls Matching Booking on Resort Fee Commissions

They book it and then all of a sudden they get hit by a series of fees that the customer has no choice in paying So thats why when we really think about the health of the travel agency business its not really good to not tell the customers in a
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Lack of transparency when it comes to fees continues to be a thorn in the travelers side

If youve tried to book a flight using who are bugged by hidden fees The American Society of Travel Advisors ASTA told the Post that one of its surveys showed 61 percent of American travelers disagree with resort fees particularly the ones
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How travelers can protect themselves from hidden fees

Travel fee was particularly annoying The DoubleTree had already billed her a mandatory 25-per-night resort fee which covered on-site self-parking and Internet even though Hilton Honors members are supposed to receive free Internet if they book
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How to travel to Disneyland on a budget

However I am here to tell you that The parking fees are high at both the resort and hotels Instead compare all of the different transportation options to get from the airport to the hotel We frequently use Uber to travel in between there is a
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Hotel booking sites to end misleading sales tactics

Businesses including Expedia have made formal commitments to change what Andrew Tyrie chair of the Competition and Markets Authority called wholly unacceptable tactics such as failing to reveal hidden as taxes booking or resort fees in
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7 of the most devious hotel scams people fall for when booking a room

While using a travel agent or booking directly Unfortunately for consumers hidden fees are legal and in some cities unavoidable In Las Vegas for example its a longstanding tradition for hotels to add a hefty resort fee to your bill
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