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Companies are based on what you exactly and may also depends on your corporate structure. Name availability is the first step towards Company Registration in Pakistan. Company Names are permitted based on on Company Type.

Learn about Company Types and Names

  1. Go to and type company name that you are planning for your company.

Search the availability of name of the proposed company for Company Registration in Pakistan. If same name or any identical name already taken, then try other options for new company name. Company Name Search is free and attract no fees.


2. If the proposed name of the company is available, then the second step is to apply for company name reservation. For name reservation, go to SECP website create the user login and start the name reservation process. Follow the steps as directed.

3. The third step in company Registration in Pakistan is to make an application to the registrar of companies for the availability of name. The application can be made both online and in offline mode and normally takes a period of one to two days before confirmation of the name applied for new company registration in Pakistan. Before making an application to the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan for company registration please do not forget to do Company Name Search on the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan website. Once the name is confirmed you can proceed with the process of company registration in Pakistan.

Fee. Deposit applicable fee in selected MCB or UBL bank.

Company Name Reservation is the first process in company registration. Only a successfully reserved Company name allows its holder to proceed to further available processes.


The company kinds vary with respect to their role in the corporate sector and each kind/type has attached to it various requirements which are required to be fulfilled for further incorporation with SECP. These requirements are in terms of the composition of its board of directors/members, the organizational arrangement and the services which the company will render. A drop down list having different company types is present with the use of which a desired type is selected during the course of the company name reservation process.

Learn more about Company Types & Names


A list of designated bank branches in major cities of Pakistan is made available here for the client to select from. These bank branches are designated for collecting the compulsory fees against various processes under the Companies Ordinance. The Fees are paid through challan at the designated bank branch and submitted at the selected CRO.


A detailed input about the client is provided in this section which includes his/her Name, CNIC, Telephone, Address and Email information.


A successful and complete data entry at Company Name Reservation Form will take the client to a new page where “Sign form” option is available. This page includes a list of Client’s filled and unfilled documents. Following proceedings can be chosen from here;

  • Modification (if required) regarding previous steps can be made by clicking at the provided links.
  • A New document can be attached. eServices will require the attachments to be in PDF format only unless any other format is especially specified along with the attachment field.
  • Bank Challan is attached and submitted.



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