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How These 4 Fashion Firms Hit $1 Billion Valuations This Year

We may only be midway through 2019, but it has already minted several new unicorns in the fashion world. The billion-dollar-plus valuations have …Read more

How These 4 Fashion Firms Hit 1 Billion Valuations This Year

2019 may be only halfway through but it has already minted several new unicorns in the fashion world The billion-dollar-plus valuations have also legitimized several new-school approaches to retail most notably resale and influencer marketing
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Tesla foe in China Xpeng hits US4 billion valuation before selling cars

The 35-year-old is the bigger Model S increased to 147 million yuan after the recent tariff hike At least four other EV start-ups have already joined Xpeng in surpassing US1 billion valuations according to research firm China Money Network
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How Endeavors IPO Became a Focus of the Bitter WGA-Agencies War

What no one could have predicted back in 2012 when private equity firm Silver of dollars a year to WME according to industry sources Thats a small portion of the 13 billion in revenue
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Frothy Credit Markets Are Good for 2 Billion Tech Startup

Companies have sold more than 1 trillion of leveraged loans this year through September in what the private equity firm bought a 339 percent stake at a 2 billion valuation KKRs biggest gaming investment to date With KKRs encouragement
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Dont Bet Against These High Yielding Food And Beverage Giants

Are Facebook and Google wildly overvalued because their book values are low or is book value perhaps not the best metric to understand these firms valuations still a nice payout – saving almost 4 billion a year and taking care of the virtually
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11 famous people who built their fortunes off their side hustles

These 11 entrepreneurs built their fortunes from ventures that started out as part-time gigs Not all of them were quick to give up their day jobs however Ashton Kutcher has continued to act even after his venture capital firm 14 billion before
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