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How the Sharing Economy Is Taking Over Corporate Travel

Corporate travel policies often limited business travelers to just a few hotel options, and sometimes these options are further away from the places …Read more

Video How Bridgestreet is Reimagining Extended Stay for the Era of the Sharing Economy

According to the Wall Street Journal the extended stay sectors revenue has enjoyed consistent year-over-year receptiveness to sharing economy products are making the sector increasingly attractive and visible to the corporate travel managers
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Women Should Consider the Short-Term Rental and Travel Tech Ecosystems to Fund Their Businesses

In fact anyone can start a new business in the sharing economy Travelers choosing But dont just take my word for it Airbnb noted in a March 2017 report that looking back over the companys history female hosts had made up 55 percent of its
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The Vital Role of Customer Service in the Sharing Economy

Customer service needs to be flexible and to take into account what the customers ask for it becomes more essential to know how the customer felt about the service For a business in the sharing economy its important to understand both what the
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The Future Of Luxury Vacations In The Face Of The Sharing Economy

The travel and leisure industry has experienced a few good years lately due to a stronger global economy and the increasing disposable income of the millennial workforce In fact global business analyst stronger rate of 41 over 2017 compared
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Could decentralised platforms redefine the sharing economy

Take Uber as an example are designed to prioritise corporate interests over the greater good Recent revelations around the corporate misuse of personal data privacy and the evident shortcomings of the current sharing economy model have revealed
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Travel Agents Get a Dose of the Sharing Economy Through Sabre Deal With Booking

a corporate accounts manager with Chicago-based Artun Travel Services If its going to be easier for us to book a hotel or lodging option on our end with a couple of commands rather than going through those website booking pages sure we will take it
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