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How the left lost the fight for Englishness

The new government is not a rightwing coup – it is the result of a long culture war between patronising 'creatives' and the half of the country they …Read more

Detroit Tigers newsletter A broom with a view right before the trade deadline

Theyre fighting for a 60 games and two innings left to play And even if you want to get negative and think the Tigers will blow that lead well they led in all four games in Seattle and still came from ahead to lose Thats some winning
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We want the truth told A look inside Pascagoula River Tribes fight for a lost identity

Anything left over went to African-Americans Treatment of Native Americans further complicates the recognition process in terms of evidence Much was lost through the years of Removal Eastern tribes were also not as well documented as tribes
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The GOPs Challenge in 2020 Dont Make It About Trump

If the election is all about Trump the personas embodied in his ongoing fight with the so-called Squad of four far-left Democratic Congresswomen they both will likely lose We began our study with an open mind building our surveys to
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Democrats had a winning 2018 playbook They should use it to beat Donald Trump in 2020

Generals often fight the last war and the same applies to political In the last presidential go-round Democrats lost by a hair in the Electoral College while piling up votes in California and other liberal areas So why does it make sense to
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Kamala Harriss New Medicare for All Plan Makes Political Sense

At present Harris and Elizabeth Warren are jockeying for the title of most popular hypercompetent female alternative to the septuagenarian white men in the Democratic primary fight
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The triumphs of Frankie Edgar recounted by those who were there

Win or lose Edgar 23-6-1 already owns one of the most distinguished careers in MMA history Saturday will mark his ninth UFC title fight the first coming in At 37 Edgar says he still has plenty left in the tank and winning a second title this
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