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In the Age of Experience, how can one drive actionable social change through deepened physical and digital live story-sharing systems? A leader in …Read more

Change Agents Kaywin Feldman and Bryan Stevenson on Embracing Empathy and Confronting American Racism in Museums

ARTnews Kaywin how do you appraise the progress or evolution in art museums so far on issues of diversity Feldman I agree that there is change happening Museums and cultural institutions are the curators of that experience We have a huge
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Why An Aging Population Means Healthcare Customer Experience Must Adapt

Institutions will change communities will change families will change and the culture will of the gaps in experience we are seeing today Gingiss What must the healthcare industry do to relate to this population Wilson Empower the consumer
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Citizens working toward art culture advancement

A group of citizens is working to change that mindset We just want to experience life and experience Cabot The foundation which Rudd and Williams founded along with Lori Walters sees art and culture as a way to improve and develop a community
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Cultural Change 5 Ways to Empower Employees with Customer Insights

More specifically in my case how could we empower and engage employees to achieve our goal the following five steps will give any CX program the teeth it needs to bring about real cultural change 1 Get your facts straight In previous columns
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BAMPFA Honors Its Founder in Hans Hofmann The Nature of Abstraction

The Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington DC is one of the worlds most notable modern art destinations with just a single work is no way to experience an artist who helped change the scope of abstract painting
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How Lulu Wang Director of The Farewell Stayed True to Herself

I loved finding the rhythm of an edit and how much an edit can change everything I edited on an Elmo so I was physically getting film print and cutting and taping The physicality of that experience in our culture of putting people or art on a
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