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How Roy Choi Kicked off the Food Truck Revolution That Changed the Way Americans Eat

His buddy Mark Manguera, a Philippines-born, Cali-raised fellow chef from the Beverly Hilton, had been drunk eating Mexican food with his sister …Read more

The Peoples Cheeseburger

Locols co-founders chefs Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson Following openings in Watts and Uptown Oakland and the LA-based food truck that rolled out this week the plan is for Locol to continue to expand in the Bay Area By the end of 2017 the
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52 places to go in 2019 The top destinations to visit this year

If tourists did what Puerto Ricans like me do when they sightsee they would eat roasted whole pig lechn a Korean restaurant by Roy Choi the Los Angeles food truck pioneer that becomes a hip-hop club after the tables are cleared
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Tunde Wey Profile The Chef Who Charges Black and White Customers Different Prices

A helper moves in and out of an adjacent kitchen quietly delivering Dixie Ultra paper plates of food On them sits a southern meat-and-three by way of Africa he excoriated LocoL chefs Roy Choi and Daniel Pattersons experiment in progressive fast
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Geeked Facebook will rule the world

Seems like pretty much everyone was honked off at Facebook this week Feeding time The new news feed is FBs somewhat creepy way of showing you what updates it thinks you want to see based on interest youve shown in the past If you interact a
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When Mother Jones Wasnt Russia-Bashing

The Reagan Era kicked off with a lot of dark fear-mongering about the Kremlin using disinformation and active measures to destroy our way of life had to be some alien force to explain why Americans had changed so drastically seeming to adopt values
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The Demand for Authenticity Is Threatening Kansas Citys Homegrown Tacos

More recently in the United States market demand population shifts and ingredient availability gave rise to the Korean taco in Los Angeles which was given a national platform by Roy Choi and his Kogi BBQ food truck beef kicked off by salty tangy
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