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How photographs of British homes reveal culture, class and suburbia

“When you go to someone's home, you know where they are from, which social class they are from, and in which kind of culture,” she tells me.Read more

How photographs of British homes reveal culture class and suburbia

In France we cant even translate the word home says Isabelle Bonnet You cant translate by saying maison its different It doesnt have all the meanings British people are very attached to the home as somewhere thats always
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This Is How It Feels To Be Young Working-Class And Muslim In Britain

A powerful photo series is documenting the experiences of young working-class Muslim men in Britain today Mahtab Hussain spent nine years photographing young British South identify as Muslim reveal their views on culture identity violence
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How to teach the Romans

Photograph Alain LockyerRex Features Studying ancient Rome and the huge influence the Romans have had on our society is a fascinating perennial subject for primary and secondary schools and the Guardian of a Roman home the British Museums
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Why do the British drink so much

The postwar pub During the late 1930s a group of observers set out to record what went on in British pubs The result was a book called The Pub and the People The part of the pub where working-class Alamy Stock Photo Rave culture was part
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The Winning Photos of the 2018 Sony World Photography Awards

The Photographer of the Year award was won by British photographer Alys Tomlinson to the demand in Saudi Arabia and other gulf states The photographs of this areas majestic quarries reveal their own isolated world beautiful bizarre and severe
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The Underexplored Roots of Black Cooking in Nova Scotia

Every now and then she would crave something from home the culture I met Poitras after Id read about her efforts to promote African Nova Scotian culture by sharing her familys recipes She has cooked for her third-grade class and helped
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