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How Much Do Americans Spend on Summer Travel?

Last summer, the average American spent $812 on travel, $551 on restaurants, and $268 on entertainment, according to data compiled for The Motley …Read more

How Much Do Americans Spend on Summer Travel

The heat of summer causes people to hit the road in search of beaches pools theme parks or maybe just a change of scenery Its a season of good weather or at least warm weather the kids are
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Heres How Much Americans Spend on Memorial Day

Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer and while most schools arent out yet the three-day weekend does we often see spending hikes above the average day across travel food and beverage and entertainment categories Americans spent
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Americans are about to spend 100 billion on summer vacations

This is the first time in the indexs eight-year history that spending has exceeded 100 billion How much Americans to travel Also read This is the worst thing people do on their summer vacation Why are people spending more Americans
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Heres where Americans are vacationing this summer and what theyre spending

The average American is budgeting anywhere from two to three weeks pay for summer vacation Men tend to budget more More from Invest In You Kids and money heres how much Americans are spending on an allowance Remote jobs are exploding and salaries
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The States Where Americans Spend the Most on Vacation

How much Americans In Mississippi the average spent was 442 on a four-day domestic vacation 2482 on an international trip Related Budgeting for Vacation Never Works Heres What You Should Do Instead On average Americans in the South spent
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Record Summer Vacation Spending Pay It Forward to Your Next Trip

To do this many or all Our opinions are our own Americans are expected to spend a record amount on their summer vacations in 2019 an average of 2037 According to the Allianz Global Assistances Vacation Confidence Index its the first
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