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How Liz Johnson Artur chronicled black culture – in pictures

The photography of Russian-Ghanian Liz Johnson Artur is being showcased in her first solo exhibition, now on at the Brooklyn Museum in New York …Read more

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Jon Meacham: 2018 National Book Festival

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liz johnson-arturs photos celebrate black communities black aesthetics and black creativity

Liz Johnson-Artur is in Brixtons Windrush which will be projected onto the walls of the Black Cultural Archives every night for the next week The images openly celebrate black communities black aesthetics and black creativity exhibiting them
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Liz Johnson Arturs Vibrant Chronicle of the African Diaspora

There is so much sound movement and energy in Liz Johnson black lives and black culture a thing she recognized was sorely missing from mainstream culture At home and abroad she would sneak away from her commercial gigs to make her own work
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Photographer Liz Johnson Artur Explores the Ties That Bind the African Diaspora

who sings of his revolutionary black fathertheir stories spliced with black-and-white snapshots of post-Soviet city life as seen through Johnson Arturs lens Though the photographers work spans a broad sweep of Europe Africa and North America
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Garry Winogrand that master of black-and-white was a master of color too

Winogrands time came at the tail end of the dominance of black and white in serious photography to find out what something looks like photographed This makes Liz Johnson Artur Dusha also at the Brooklyn Museum intriguingly complementary
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Its Black Friday Please Remember to Support the Site

Am I the only one who finds JP Stones work to appropriate indigenous Mexican culture of the Liz Johnson Artur show at the Brooklyn museum a living female of-color artist Youll find it just down the hall from the Winogrand photos you reviewed
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liz johnson artur discusses 25 years of capturing the beauty of the black british experience

It is a document of the people spaces communities of the black pictures that I need You learn to sense what a moment can give and what a moment can be Its about feeling and instinct Im not someone who plans I like to find things Liz Johnson
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