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How Larry Madowo Lifted Popular Artist From Extreme Poverty to Stardom

Spoken word artist, Mark Joshua Ouma alias Teardrops, recently revealed how media personality Larry Madowo played a big role in making him the person that he is today. Taking to Twitter, the poet disclosed that he was on the verge of giving up when the …Read more

CIFF 39 Showtimes and synopses for all 193 films at the Cleveland International Film Festival

In the mid-90s a group of high school kids had a public access show in Detroit called 30 Minutes of Madness The sketch comedy program gave its actors a feeling of belonging and allowed them to express their creativity with freedom That was 20 years ago
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The DVD Wrapup Crumbs Meru Tenderness of Wolves Living in Oblivion and more

Mountain climbing isnt often lumped together with so-called extreme sports guilt feelings or poverty He was charged and found guilty of forgery and corruption related only to 14 works of art which sold for a combined 45 million
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Final Goodbye Roll Call of Some of Those Who Died in 2016

Artists Larry Sanders Show March 24 Patty Duke 69 As a teen she won an Oscar for playing Helen Keller in The Miracle Worker then maintained a long career while battling personal demons March 29 Merle Haggard 79 Country giant who rose from
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Zara clothing chain owner overtakes Warren Buffett on worlds rich list with fortune of almost 30bn

But if Mr Ortegas wealth continues to grow it may not be long before hes in contention for the top two spots His wealth has surged The foundations aims are to enhance healthcare and reduce extreme poverty and in America to expand educational
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The 25 Best Singles of 2013

Not every artist was fiddling away like Nero or crashing their cars into a bridge and loving it in 2013 but only in the context of a severely degraded business model could a secondhand flow as janky as Macklemore Ryan Lewiss proudly threadbare
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Storytelling experiment PenTales comes to Toronto

We were looking for a way to connect people and also encourage writers and artist to make an actual physical connection with one another especially now considering how weve all come to rely so much on technology The books were experimental on a
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