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How Jony Ive Remade Visual Culture in Apple's Image

But when you consider the starring role he played in crafting the world's most recognizable brand aesthetic, his contributions to visual culture start to …Read more

How Jony Ive Remade Visual Culture in Apples Image

But when you consider the starring role he played in crafting the worlds most recognizable brand aesthetic his contributions to visual culture start to seem weirdly it would be Jony Ive Quite the if Sir Jonathan Ive everybody uses
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Apples iOS 7 Redefines Industrial Design Through Evil Skeuomorphism

It would be one image after another of which was previously going into visual design is now going into interaction design Its the reason Apple design SVP Jony Ive has gone to such lengths to remake iOS 7 Ive who sources say was very against
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Jony Ive the designer behind the iPhone is leaving Apple

Chief Design Officer Jony Ive Isaacson wrote is a fan of the German industrial designer Dieter Rams who preached the gospel of less but better Apples designs led by Ive have become synonymous with elegant simplicity Simplicity isnt just a
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Apples creative guru Jonathan Ive is the man who designs tomorrow

Ive almost quit several times But when Steve Jobs who had been ousted in 1985 returned to try to save the firm in 1996 he spotted Ives talent and the two men set out on their maniacal journey to remake what Hey Jony this hotel sucks
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Pokmon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are greatif you missed the originals

The latest Pokmon games are little more than a refined remake of last years excellent outing and even massive monsters move in the distance Some of the visual issues that plagued demanding battles in Sun and Moon have been smoothed out even
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Disturbing app can create nude images of ANY woman from a single picture and virtually undresses them but it doesnt work on men

But its not flawless Most images and low-resolution images especially produced some visual artifacts As with revenge porn these images can be used to shame harass intimidate and silence women There are forums where men can pay experts to
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