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How humans and chimpanzees travel towards a goal in rainforests

These different ranging styles between humans and chimpanzees might shape their different spatial experience and thus the way they travel through …Read more

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How humans and chimpanzees travel towards a goal in rainforests

How do human-unique ranging styles like large home range and trail use influence the way we travel to our goals Researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology Leipzig
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Travel linearity and speed of human foragers and chimpanzees during their daily search for food in tropical rainforests

Here we compared spatial movement patterns of the Mbendjele BaYaka people and the Ta chimpanzees during their daily search for food in rainforests towards a food source The reason for including only off-trail trajectories in our analyses of travel
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Traveling in the rainforest

Researchers compare spatial movement patterns of human foragers and chimpanzees towards food locations spatial movement patterns in similar rainforest environments To this aim the researchers measured travel linearity and speed of five Mbendjele
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How Visionary Tech Can Help Prevent Climate Change

Coral reefs and rainforests Some of these goals may sound a bit lofty but AI can also make an impact simply by changing the way consumers shop If AI bots like Alexa and Siri were programed to nudge users toward making more conscientious decisions
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Defending the Amazons uncontacted peoples QA with Julio Cusurichi

The goal towards this Purss main town of Esperanza is connected to Pucallpa the capital of Ucayali region by government-funded air transport river travel is the only other option How do you see the future for indigenous people in
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How and why did religion evolve

We can travel further back still long before even the emergence of Christianity After all Jesus was a Jew and so his act of breaking bread with the disciples reminds us of the entire history of the Jewish people goals and striving towards them
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