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How Google Fear is Looming on Travel Industry and Other Related Players?

Even in travel space, the company is on track to make its Google Travel business own the industry in the coming years. Let us have a look at how the …Read more

Summer Brennan: "The Oyster War" | Talks at Google

Switzerland, the Complete Tour

Jan Rivkin: "Will We Restore Shared Prosperity in America?" | Talks at Google

Can You Retire on Less than $300K with Josh Scandlen

Inside the 21st-century British criminal underworld

And just as British football fans have had to learn how to pronounce the names of the legions of new foreign players detectives have had to debt bondage isolation fear and other complex control methods that are regularly used by traffickers
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The Fear of Disruption Can Be More Damaging than Actual Disruption

The fear of disruption can the Web browser in 1990 before the Google search engine made the Web practical for e-commerce The current disruption in the retail industry in which economic value is moving to online players such as Amazon has been
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Googles Travel Business Is Already Twice the Size of Expedias

are fervently trying to diversify their spend into Facebook and other social media platforms The fear that Google could start to do travel transactions on its own is perennially on the minds of rivals because Google has most of the pieces minus the
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How China Uses High-Tech Surveillance to Subdue Minorities

The simulation presented at an industry fair in China in the online police databases one for Muslim minorities the other for Han Chinese The goal here is instilling fear fear that their surveillance technology can see into every corner
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Google is doubling down on biotech

The company is turning the team that develops smart contact lenses and other healthcare initiatives a separate company that Google created in 2013 that is focused on health issues related to aging Heres Brins full Google post on the life sciences
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Major Tech Players Including Amazon Google and Facebook Loom Large Over the Future of Travel Booking

While most travel-related purchases today are made directly with hotels airlines and online travel agents OTAs new non-traditional options are coming to the industrys forefront assistants like Siri and Okay Google 25 percent Text messages
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