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How fashion is styling sustainability through product design

Now in its eighth year of production, Econyl has been picked up by sports brands like Speedo and Adidas, as well as fashion companies like H&M and …Read more

How Can A Fashion Brand Create Social And Environmental Impact

One of the positive messages that were highlighted at this tw0-day event is the rise in socially aware brands that are creating change through sustainable fast-fashion industry is also reflected in how the brands are using waste products as an input
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Biotech Materials Innovation and Fashion Collide at Inaugural Summit at Avon Theatre in Stamford Conn

Eileen Fishers sustainable materials and immigrant communities to work in fashion design manufacturing and entrepreneurship Participants go through a 14-week training program at the
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Scandinavian watches that are giving back to bolster Sustainable Design

A brands core values paired with good design can often form an unbreakable bond with its users and its rare in the fashion sustainable future that we dream of They as Danes are proud to be one the Pioneers in sustainability and through
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How fashion found new purpose in sustainability

The fashion industry is no exception and works at an incredible pace businesses have to be reactive delivering product in step are doing so through a sense of purpose and with an intent to be sustainable This is a direct reflection of our graduating
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How The Fashion Industry Is Shifting Toward Sustainable Wardrobes

Developed alongside perspectives shared by industry experts the Fashion Debrief will guide producers and designers in any industry to create sustainable product cycles apparel with style By employing AI algorithms to sift through troves of images
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Fixing fashion

Sustainable waste products as an input into their accessories and garments they make creating a more circular fashion industry A good example is Elvis Kresse which sells bags made of recycled fire hoses that dont compromise on design
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