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How CIOs can use data and technology to change organizational culture

Culture informed by data: Algorithmic metrics that measure/approximate the degree of employee engagement, and retention have been closer to …Read more

Digital Leaders Series: Episode 1: Culture Change: The key to Digital Transformation

Using Technology to Create a Competitive Advantage

IBM CIO Study (Herlihy – Avon): The Role of the CIO

Technology and Leadership: The Critical Role of the CIO

How CIOs can use data and technology to change organizational culture

Data and technology can help you promote a diversified culture and welfare-based environment Arvind Gupta of KPMG explains howVaishnavi J Desai ETCIO June 18 2019 0600 IST In an interview
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How 3 CIOs gather and use data

LAS VEGAS In a technology organization is responsible for regulating athletics for more than 1200 schools and conferences 19000 teams and half a million student athletes Once analyzed the NCAA can use the years of historical data the
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How new technology is driving real-time behavior change in organizational transformations

Most leaders acknowledge the criticality of culture in achieving organizational ways companies can leverage technology to drive change First change initiatives have to go beyond program-based qualitative models to data-driven and adaptive with
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5 Ways AI Will Change How CIOs Make Their Livings

I have never seen a better opportunity to impact a companys path as a CIO than through the use of AI Tolliver said Its a way to rethink how work gets done and decisions are made to drive a data culture change how the company uses
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Is your organization meeting the cybersecurity Standard of Care

How can you better distribute security resources Security culture Security should be top of mind across your entire organization should we change any of these elements to achieve a more optimal outcome Tools and data Cybersecurity technology
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How to Transform Data into Organizational Gold

But data alone isnt enough to transform business strategy or drive more intelligent decision making Organizations must nurture a culture that recognizes data as true organizational belief that it can help orchestrate positive change
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