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How Being Sad, Depressed And Anxious Online Became Trendy

It's possible, though, that constantly posting about our sadness or anxiety can at times be just as performative as the #posivibes self-care culture that's …Read more

How being sad depressed and anxious online became trendy

Social media personas built on the illusion of happy perfect lives are so tired In 2019 its all about being Sad Online The era of being Sad Online is defined by a sense of reverse FOMO a
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Taking back control A year later Capital Gazette shooting survivors putting their lives hearts back together

The anxiety has calmed but still flares of those who died in the shooting The by turns sad and defiant results can be found in Journalists Matter Faces of the Capital Gazette an online photo gallery Gillespie set up with hopes of turning
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Mitski – The Under the Radar Cover Story

As someone who grew up longing for something to believe in so strongly that she once joked she would probably have become a nun if she was raised Catholic seeing her words being mouthed back This was an anxiety-ridden process Mitski says weighed
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Sad Strombone A Retirement Farewell to Roberto Luongo the Peoples Goalie

Roberto Luongo sat on a toilet in Anaheim in May 2007 living out a gnarly and highly specific anxiety dream Less than a month earlier him into an extremely harsh spotlight for years After being traded back to the Florida Panthers in 2014 with
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How Founder Of Sad Girls Club Tackles Mental Health Issues Online

The film deals specifically with dark and destructive thoughts that most people experience when dealing with depression and anxiety How did that film become a catalyst to start Sad Girls Club a stigma-free online and IRL community created
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Has Anxiety Become Trendy

Not only were these stories comforting in being so relatable they also created a tiny door in my brain titled its not just you They led to conversations with my family conversations with my friends conversations online that would never have
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