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How an airplane engine gets made

McCree guides CNN Travel through the process, providing an insider look at how the XWB engine gets made and the steps required for it to take off, …Read more

Rolls-Royce, How To Build A Jumbo Jet Engine -HQ- (Part 1/4)


how to build a jumbo jet engine

Rolls-Royce | How we assemble the Trent XWB; the world's most efficient aero engine

How an airplane engine gets made

Derby England CNN Behind closed doors at the UK headquarters of Rolls-Royce Aerospace machinery whirs fans hum and blades screech as some 1000 people go about the complex task of getting an airplane engine off the ground Its all about keeping
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Informing Designs of Safer More Efficient Aircraft with Exascale Computing

Said Jansen This approach allows us to resolve the turbulent scale dynamics to get two-engine plane To fly the plane straight ahead the pilot must move the rudder to one side to account for the lack of thrust from the failed engine In aircraft
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Major trouble Terrifying video shows engine trouble on Delta plane that made emergency landing in NC

RALEIGH — Terrifying video shows problems with a planes engine as it prepared to make an emergency landing of a possible issue with one of the aircrafts engines The spokesperson added
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Renewed calls for child safety on airplanes 30 years after flight from Denver crashed

Changed the way engines are made changed United Airlines inspection the FAA has never mandated the use of child restraint belts on an aircraft Cowell said He believes its time for airlines and the FAA to get more serious about child safety
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How Much Do Planes Actually Get Cleaned in Between Flights

So all this to say is that an airplane is mostly just spot cleaned in between flights which makes it better than your average bus or subway train but doesnt get a deep clean all that often
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An Aviation Pioneer Goes All In on Electric Planes

When Andr Borschberg started flying as a 15 year old he didnt worry about how much fuel he had to burn to get and stay aloft is a modified version of an aircraft made by the Czech Republics BRM Aero And where Solar Impulse was meant as
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