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Horoscop, sâmbătă, 20 iulie 2019

Horoscop, sâmbătă, 20 iulie 2019. Crişan Andreescu / 19 iul 2019 / 15:17 Salveaza PDF Comentarii. Nativii din Leu vor avea, astăzi, o atitudine răutăcioasă. Descriere foto: Nativii din Leu vor avea, astăzi, o atitudine răutăcioasă. Horoscop. Berbeci, fiţi sinceri …Read more

Cum arata cifrele privind imigrantii romani in Marea Britanie Unde sunt hoardele de romani

However the Romanian National Institute of Statistics has published the definitive results of the latest census of Romanians who are all in all 201 millionii Bulgarians are 73 million in totaliii with the CIA Factbook estimating an even lower 69
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30 de milioane de infractori romani si bulgari vor invada Marea Britanie Cum induce presa britanica frica fata de Est

This is not a disaster for the Britain Romanians and Bulgarians are not among the top 20 migrant nations using the NHS The majority of these two countries migrants are young healthy and entrepreneurial as most migrants are the world over
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