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Honouring Indigenous culture

“It's a time to embrace and celebrate the achievements of Indigenous and just experience our culture and spirituality,” she said. “When people come …Read more

Toward Love Honoring Indigenous Land in Our Classrooms

It also fortunately reminds me that Native Hawaiians are very much a living thriving culture can do to prepare ourselves to better honor the indigenous cultures our students are
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Thai museum showcases Taiwan indigenous culture

Bangkok July 18 CNA An exhibition of Taiwans Atayal and Paiwan indigenous culture kicked off at the Museum Siam in Bangkok Monday Titled Tattoo Color Tattoo Honor the exhibition features
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Cleveland City Council recognizes Aug 9 as Indigenous Peoples Day to honor native Americans

CLEVELAND Ohio Cleveland City Council voted Wednesday to formally recognize Aug 9 as Indigenous Peoples Day to honor native Americans and recognize saying he wished to recognize that a culture already existed in North America when Italian
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Davao del Sur solon dons traditional gown in honor of IPs

MANILA Philippines A lawmaker from Davao del Sur wore a gown inspired by indigenous communities for the presidents State of the Nation Address in honor of the indigenous but a town that is rich in culture and heritage Cagas said
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Canadas land acknowledgments draw criticism from the indigenous peoples theyre supposed to honor

With roots in the traditional practices of some indigenous groups they are supposed to honor the peoples who lived on the territory church-run residential schools constituted a cultural genocide The election that year of Prime Minister Justin
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Tasmanias Aboriginal groups divided over new place naming policy

That combination of vocabularies from various languages is the best way to honor all of Tasmanias a cup of tea and share the goodness of Aboriginal culture Reporting by Adeshola Ore
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