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Home Decor Ideas 2018 – 8 Cheap and Easy Home Decor Hacks DIY

All type of hacks are cool and useful. A lot of hacks are referring to home decor, showing how you can make your home more practical and functional or how you can re-purpose things. We’ve put together 8 such examples. They’re all really simple, easy and cheap so anyone can try them. They’re also fun and interesting. Pick the ones that interest you and give them a change. Who knows, maybe they’ll change your lifestyle for the better

1. Rope Hanging Bookshelf DIY

Do you thinking about putting up some shelving in the house for a few weeks so when I came across some hanging shelves I decided to make my own!
To make your own shelf you’ll need a few basic things, a length of wood, rope, a drill and 2 large hook screws.

2. Paint and Fabric Chair Transformation – IKEA Hack

Do see a fancy chair in the shop and you don’t have enough money to buy it. So follow simple steps to give old desk chair a face lift!  All you need is a spray paint and fur fabric, it is super easy and only took a few hours.

3. DIY Vintage Suitcase Mini Bar

There is a one famous coat, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure! Picked up the vintage suitcase out of a pile of free stuff from old material shop and turned it into the perfect party prop. What was once a musky, distressed suitcase is now a golden, eye catching mini juice bar!

4. Frosted Glass Door Decor Design

You can create a sense of privacy without adding shades or curtains to a window. This is a guide about privacy window using contact paper. Transfer your template onto a thin piece of cardboard and cut it out. Then trace around the template using a Sharpie onto the backing-side of the contact paper and cut them out with scissors. Now clean the window and apply it on window.

5. Kitchen Chalkboard Wall Decor Ideas

Is your house is so boring use this simple decor idea that you can use anywhere in the house. Simply purchase a cheap chalkboard paint and you can use this as a mural to display memories, calendars, shopping lists, or simply just some funky designs. I hope you enjoy this idea and get inspired to decorate.

6.Hanging Holders Accessory Hammock with Trays

Making hanging pot holders is a fun DIY project and a lovely way to decorate your home. We used trays to transform these hanging holders into hanging shelves for small objects.

7. Make Your Boring Bathroom Mirror Look Classic

Is the mirror of your bathroom still the boring builder grade one? Here’s i will tell you how to make it look so high-end. These tips and tricks will make this DIY so easy for you. The entire budget from start to finish only $20 to do.

8.Custom Wallpaper Wallpaper Pattern with Wall Stencils

Do you know how to stencil wall in just 1 hour. To design this wall you will need grill stencil design paper by shop or also u can made this design paper at home, paint, roller and painter tape. Place your stencil paper on top of wall with the help of tape. Now load a small roller with paint and first apply it of any paper to off-load excess paint. Start stenciling with roller using medium pressure. Now remove the paper from wall carefully and place next to design. Repeat these steps again and again and until whole wall design is complete.

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