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Holy verse incorrect translation makes PHC angry

Peshawar High Court bench on Thursday expressed anguish over Holy verse incorrect translation in the textbook of Islamiat and summoned the federal secretary education for explaining his position. The bench of Justice Qaiser Rasheed and Justice Abdul …Read more

What Is Beard Oil and How to Apply It

Hello Hal

At first the callers anger was cold AGENT OK sir Im gonna go ahead and explain this OK so on the information that you put this last time it was incorrect machine would still be a modern version of Kempelens talking head
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Tiwi Christianity Aboriginal Histories Catholic Mission and a Surprising Conversion

Laura Rademaker is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Australian Catholic Universitys Institute for Religion and Critical Inquiry and author of Found in Translation called it his metamorphosis His version has many similarities to Tiwi memories
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The New Fight to Ban the Veil

Egypts Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper reported this week that while touring a high school affiliated with Al-Azhar in a suburb of Cairo Grand Imam Sayyed Tantawi got angry is chapter 33 verse 59 In The Noble Quran a translation by Muhammad
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What Is the Meaning of the Verse Be Still and Know That I Am God

However it is good to note that theres nothing wrong with the words in the translation be still those words are not incorrect it is simply helpful to note the context of the phrase Verse streams make glad the city of God the holy
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Abortion Isnt a Necessary Evil Its Great

The way many progressives talk about abortion makes it sound like reproductive autonomy is a social that is already losing a pregnancy to endure the longest and most painful version of that loss or to condemn a child to unavoidable lethal suffering
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Needed A coalition of feminists and conservative Christians

If such a partnership between two powerful groups could be forgedeven if for a brief momentthe result might be a new American ethic that makes no space for misogynistic men and their mistreatment of women Sometimes strange bedfellows are needed in
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