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Historic Istanbul mosque provides clothing, food to the homeless

A mosque at the centre of Istanbul is providing free showers, clothing, and food to the homeless, as reported by Anadolu Agency. Selime Hatun …Read more

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Mosque offers food to those in need during Ramadan

Baby 'Prays' Like His Muslim Teachers | Ilmfeed

Historic Istanbul mosque brings fresh hope to homeless

A historic mosque at the center of a populous Istanbul district is providing free showers clothing and food to the homeless Selime Hatun Mosque — a small Muslim house of worship in the Beyoglu district dating back to the 17th century — has emerged as
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Travel review A long weekend in Istanbul

If visiting Istanbul tasty food After being introduced to Istanbuls history on your first day in the city on your second head to Topkapi Palace to get an even better understanding of the citys history Not far from the Blue Mosque or the Haghia
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Edmonton mosque offers shelter during deep freeze

Al Rashid Mosque food and warm clothing to people in need Al-Henedy said Thats what we owe anybody that lives in our society she said We owe them our help we owe them our compassion we owe them our assistance There isnt a significant
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Journey down Dilli 6 for the taste of Ramzan

We dont just enter the mosque of the food walk organizers provide free food coupons to the underpriveleged people as well Food walks costs 850 per person out of which 50 goes towards giving food coupons to the destitute and homeless
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Turkey sweeps up ISIS suspects after Istanbul bombing

He didnt provide further details Suicide bomber kills ten in Turkey Turkish media said police raided a home in an affluent Istanbul the historic Blue Mosque We were splattered Magna told CBS News correspondent Holly Williams Our clothes
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8 travel destinations you might still be able to afford

Its cheap easy to travel to and provides a diverse range of experiences Decent three-star hotels in Istanbul come cheap around Rs7000 a night even ones right across the Blue Mosque The touristy spots are within walking distance so sight-seeing
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