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Hindu man wants non-Muslim driver to deliver food; here's what happened next

Food delivery company Zomato is winning the internet after it refused on Wednesday to resolve a customer's complaint about being assigned a …Read more

Hindu man wants non-Muslim driver to deliver food heres what happened next

On Tuesday night a man Hindu Just cancelled an order on ZomatoIN They allocated a non-Hindu rider for my food They said they cant change rider and cant refund on cancellation I said you cant force me to take a delivery I dont want refund
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Memoirs of a Hindu girl

Growing up was not easy And then it happened The fears of my mother and many Hindu mothers like her materialised I went out to one of the largest markets of Kandhkot and was abducted by a man I knew very well He was none other than the guard who was
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Separated at Birth

By 10 that night Delhi hospitals were reporting three times as many Muslim as non-Muslim casualties Europeans driving in to deliver food and supplies to their friends and former servants With the help of Gurkha and South Indian troopswho were
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Pakistanis seem to love Indians Do Indians feel the same way

Are you Indian That makes you our when I got my visa for Pakistan The next time I cross the border Karachi and Lahore are on my bucket list I hope to have a more honest response to that question I want that response to be Of course
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Food Policy Experts Comment on Bests Worsts and Whats to Come

His insights offer a potential paradigm shift in how we can feed the world healthier foods- that people want to buy and eat Its a stark contrast from the stale and highly ineffective command and control food police it fails to deliver on its promise
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I shared a cell with every man beheaded by ISIS Freed French hostage reveals his brutal and gruesome ordeal at hands of terror group

We were having meals together sleeping next to each other four-year-old daughter what had happened Hes everything to us she said Hes our life Hes a fantastic man and father ALAN HENNING Ordinary taxi driver who had to return to
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