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Hepatitis B: The struggle with disease and discrimination in India

What turned her fairy tale marriage into a nightmare was her diagnosis with Hepatitis B. “I was trying to adjust in my new family. After two months, one sudden day I had a severe pain in right side of my stomach and I rushed to the hospital," said Saini. “Several …Read more

Fighting viral hepatitis in Asia Pacific


Weighing the Facts of Obesity

June 2019 ACIP Meeting – Combination Vaccines; Public Comment

Hepatitis B The struggle with disease and discrimination in India

New Delhi Submerged in her newly married life 24-year-old Rama Saini name changed was unaware that the vows taken while tying the nuptial knot to be together love and care in sickness and health by her husband will be broken in a jiffy What turned
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World Hepatitis Day The growing threat of hepatitis in India

people are suffering from Hepatitis B in India and almost 12 crores have Hepatitis C Out of all 15 lakh people die annually due to this disease As per Dr Prof SK Sarin Director
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Why Hepatitis B needs prompt attention

BENGALURU Of all the major communicable diseases that available India continues to struggle to bring the rate of infected people under control most of which is attributed to the lack of awareness among them Hepatitis B is a blood-borne virus
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ILBS urges Centre to bring law to curb discrimination against hepatitis patients

The city-based Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences has urged the central government to come up with a law to prevent discrimination and social stigma faced by hepatitis patients in India types B and C lead to chronic disease in hundreds of millions
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World Hepatitis Day Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences plans conclave to raise awareness

Although the disease burden is very high in India ministry estimates viral hepatitis accounted for 3 of deaths reported due to communicable diseases in 2015 About 60 million Indians are affected with viral hepatitis B and C and most of those
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Chinas Struggle With Hepatitis B Discrimination

As a result victims struggle Hepatitis B This process survives he says because of ignorance about how the virus is transmitted combined with public fear of the illness and the people who carry it Hepatitis B is an infectious inflammatory disease
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