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Heidi Edmundson: Can we change the culture around breaks in the NHS?

The culture of working without breaks is dangerous to doctors' and patients' wellbeing, only a cultural shift can change things, argues Heidi Edmunson …Read more

Change for changes sake wouldnt be worthwhile

Our party has kept its view consistently since the Referendum we believe the country should remain in the EU because no possible deal can outweigh the advantages of staying in And while Change UK claims to want to break the mould of British politics
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Healthcares dirty little secret results from many clinical trials are unreliable

Heidi around in some trials by basically talking to research teams to figure out potential problems This is extremely promising but would require a sea change in researcher practice to improve results across the board And here we hit the underlying
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LORD DARZI We must stop destroying the lives of our children with sugar-stuffed foods

The cost of illness arising from poor diets too much alcohol and smoking tobacco costs the NHS in England more than 11billion a year As our society ages we cant afford to go The blame culture might feel good for some but it isnt working
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Viewing guide The pick of the week ahead in Parliament

And therell be a dinner break debate at around 7pm from Labour MP Heidi Alexander suggesting that the police should be given powers to remove gang related videos from websites – she says the internet is being used spread gang culture and glamourise
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Why the Lib Dems should extend an olive branch to Change UK

One of the next big questions the Lib Dems need to answer is what to do about Change UK position to Heidi Allen and getting Chuka in to speak to enthusiastic supporters at the next Lib Dem Pint The most common mistake we can make in politics
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Which MPs Have Joined The Independent Group What You Need To Know

Heidi t changed We absolutely oppose this Conservative government But British politics is now well and truly broken In all conscience we can no longer knock on doors and support a government led by Jeremy Corbyn or the team around him
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