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Healthwashing is here to screw with our well-intentioned eating plans—here’s what you need to …

Wander the aisles of any health-food store and you’ll be bombarded with all sorts of buzzwords emblazoned upon food and drink packaging.
When you do eat something processed, they add, it should be something with a short ingredient list—Nestle recommends five ingredients or less—made up of real foods as opposed to unpronounceable chemicals.
For example, pasta sauce should be some combination of oil, tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic, oregano, and basil—all items you would recognize if you were making your own sauce, says Hunnes. It may not have added vitamins and minerals, but that’s because it does not need to.It has a lot of nutrients already in-borne to the ingredients that are part of a healthy diet.
Finally, be sure to use common sense and think critically about any health or nutrition claim thats splashed across a package.As Nielsen points out, all food wants you to buy it. Were being marketed to all the time.Could the freezer section be—gasp!—the new healthiest part of the grocery store? No matter which aisle you’re shopping in, make sure you’re not making these common label-reading mistakes. food trends, Nutrition Tips Loading More Posts.Most Popular Night Food ice cream promises sweet dreams with the power of magnesium ethereal photos of the Southern Lights that bring heaven a little closer to Earth BRB, I need these chic French sneakers that are made from corn (yes, corn).This snoozy supplement you take before bed does totally awesome things for your skin We fully support your late-night cravings for fast food with 8 better-for-you knockoffs Featured Collection.How to make a chakra bracelet that will balance your look (and possibly, your energy)Get your woo-woo Martha Stewart on.This yoga-based abs workout can super-charge your core power, in just 10 minutes a day What to wear to hot yoga so you dont overheat (or recreate your slip n slide days)YOUR HEALTHIEST RELATIONSHIP Well+Good is obsessed with your health and wellness.

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