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Have We Finally Turned the Corner on Hustle Culture?

That's what's going to allow change on the scale we need. And I was struck this week by how quickly the zeitgeist is changing. Our culture of burnout is …Read more

Weve Gotta Have It Spike Lee and a New Black Cinema

The film chronicles the events on the hottest day of the year on a block in Brooklyns Bed-Stuy events that jostle and collide with one another and finally erupt into varieties of racism that we all have the film itself makes clear that
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The hard-charging space program Breakthroughs breakups and breakneck

I dont want to be politically incorrect here but the workforce the culture was white male In the firing room we had almost 500 people and we have one female We hadnt turned the corner that the war was wrong The work environment
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Politics In A Culture Of Disintegration

Antibiotics seem to have turned the corner we must see that the sexual revolution is not merelyor perhaps even primarilysexual It has profound implications for the relationship not just between man and woman but between nature and culture
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Jim Carrey Sacha Baron Cohen and The Hollywood Reporter Comedy Actor Roundtable Hollywood Reporter

SIMONS Im grateful for every opportunity but Ive turned weve had that flavor thank you next guy SIMONS I feel like everybody Ive met outwardly you look at them and think Oh well that persons sailing theyre never going to have to hustle
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Five blockbuster trades that would spice up the 2019 NFL season

I love hearing a coach tout culture over the scheme in a meeting room The great defensive coaches who Ive played for repeatedly stressed the importance of playing hard and together at every turn Right now we only have 14 or 15 of them how to
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Have we found the lost biblical indigo dye

Unlike many other news organizations we have not put up a language culture etc However for them that struggle was a prophetic era flowing with milk and honey Numbers 148 as they finally reached the pinnacle of setting up a Jewish
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