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Harry Potter: Real Life Inspirations For The Defense Against The Dark Arts As Told In A History Of …

That includes everything from charms and spells, to Defense Against the Dark Arts. When it comes to the dark arts, these authors found influences for …Read more

London is going all butterbeer over 20th anniversary of Harry Potter

To mark the anniversary the British Library has swung open its doors for Harry Potter A History of Magic a new exhibition divination astronomy and defense against the dark arts The potions room for instance features the Ripley Scroll a
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Meet the real-life muggles named Harry Potter

Thanks to a few real Harry Potters arriving to The British Librarys Harry Potter History of Magic exhibition an hour late Potter was able to gain entry with a flick of his ID As soon as my friend told them my name and they checked it we
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Harry Potter and the royals studio visit

William said brandishing one of the wands during a Defense Against the Dark Arts lesson On the other hand Harrys just excited to see a real-life talking owl in the Harry Potter studios I havent told him yet that Harry Potter is fictional so
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A New Harry Potter Audiobook is Coming

The experience is structured by Hogwarts subjects featuring Potions Defense Against the Dark Arts and more Harry Potter A History of Magic will be released but its believed they were inspired by a real-life tree in La Jolla California
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The original synopsis of Harry Potter that JK Rowling sent to publishers has been revealed heres the first page

JK Rowlings original synopsis of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone is on display at the British Library Its part of an exhibition titled Harry Potter A History of Magic and Defence Against the Dark Arts Highlights include an annotated
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A New Harry Potter Exhibit Displays the Original JK Rowling Pitch that 12 Publishers Rejected

Harry Potter A History of Magic opens Care of Magical Creatures and Defense against the Dark Arts JK Rowling herself said of the exhibit The British Library has done an incredible job Encountering objects for real that have in some shape
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