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Hand luggage: Little-known rule could see personal items confiscated before a flight

Travel gurus from have revealed how electronic devices of any type can be banned from the plane cabin if they have no charge.Read more

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TSA Battery Restrictions – Flying with Lithium Ion

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Top 10 STRANGE Things TSA Agents Found in LUGGAGE

Hand luggage Little-known rule could see personal items confiscated before a flight

Flight travellers – no matter what airline they book their flights with – are subject to a variety of rules and regulations over their luggage Whether they have to pay to take a bag in the cabin or not the sums set of stringent rules on items to be taken
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And what were you planning on doing with this lizard sir The strangest items Brits have had confiscated at airport security

The poll by flight of security rules Bizarrely third on the list of items confiscated was living animals with eight per cent of people admitting theyd had creatures including lizards and spiders removed from their hand luggage before boarding
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40 excellent holiday tips every traveller should know

Its long been said travel sites may be able to see personal items dry If you dont want to invest in waterproof items for your trip another option is to use a waterproofing spray on jackets bags luggage shoes and other travel necessities
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WARNING Ukrainian Airlines Profiles Jewish Passengers Tefillin Jewelry Shaitels Other Valuables Missing

and were told that they had never before seen such stickers The green sticker used to allegedly profile Jewish hand luggage on Ukrainian Airlines The Jews were then rushed and yelled at to hurry onto the connecting flight in Kiev and were not given
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UK flights Hand luggage rules allow these surprising items onbaord

Liquids must be under 100ml although this could also Other UK flight bans for hand luggage include certain food and drinks Anything semi-liquid such as jams and spreads are not allowed with Marmite being one of the most confiscated condiments
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Carry on readers opinions on cabin luggage restrictions

Ever been stopped at security and had your souvenir jar of jam confiscated Or wondered why you were able to sail past with certain items undetected it but they said no Then before we boarded they took my hand luggage and said it had to go in
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