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Half of travel essentials are cheapest in the Summer months

50% of travel products are cheaper when temperatures rise; £578 of savings to be made, if holidaymakers buy them at the right time of the year.Read more

7 affordable places to travel this summer

For many destinations in the Northern Hemisphere the summer months of June through August see the largest To make the most of your travel budget this summer read on for our list of the best budget-friendly destinations around the world
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I was a travel consultant for 5 years here are the 9 best ways I saved money on travel

On a recent trip to Costa Rica I managed to cut my insurance rate in half It indicates an expandable But if you want to travel well for cheap its an absolute essential to learn as much of your destinations local language as you can
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Nearly 40 decline in honey bee population last winter unsustainable experts say

Honey bees are essential for the pollination to live longest during the winter — up to six months — and just four weeks in the spring and summer according to the American Bee Journal
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Voyage to the Center of the World

A three and a half-hour trek each way there are outstanding views over the ancient site In hot summer months those preferring not to sweat it out can also drive After a long day its essential to refuel at a traditional Delphi taverna
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Earning 50K While Biking Across the US and Europe

The theory of slow travel of buying cheap gear and having to upgrade later to a more durable setup After cycling for a month I was forced to replace my panniers front handlebar bag tent and sleeping pad These items are essential and can really
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Find cheap destinations this summer by comparing everyday essentials costs as resort shops and bars slash prices

Prices for holiday essentials such as meals drinks and suncream are down compared to last year in half of the four of the five cheapest resorts polled have seen prices for the sample basket of goods fall over the past 12 months The Post Office
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