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GrubHub is buying up thousands of restaurant web addresses. That means Mom and Pop can't …

The New Food Economy viewed the company's invoice to Shivane's restaurant—it was actually $8,000. We agreed to use only her first name and last …Read more

Restaurants Accuse Grubhub of Buying Up Thousands of Websites With Their Names

GrubHub is buying up thousands of restaurant web addresses That means Mom and Pop cant own their slice of the internet The New Food Economy
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GrubHub A History Of Smart Acquisitions And No Debt Make This IPO A Rare Opportunity

Who is GrubHub GrubHub Inc NYSEGRUB is the leading online and mobile platform for restaurant pick-up and delivery orders Customer experience matters to a mom and pop shop that may only have one chance to win your business from a large corporation
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Exclusive Thousands of rogue restaurant websites diverting customers to OrderAhead deliveries

The restaurant wasnt aware that OrderAhead was picking up the Amazon Web Services Cloudfront instance Records show that the registration of these domains started about a month ago creating unofficial sites not for just mom-and-pop eateries
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How much is YOUR data worth In wake of Facebooks massive privacy scandal experts say login details sell for just 520 on the dark web

They provide a user with anonymity when they browse the dark web obscuring the users IP address allows thousands of third-party vampire apps to plug in to its social network and siphon off data from its users This means anything from popular
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10 Macro Trends Impacting Food And Beverage Innovation In 2019

Food developers love thinking about which it flavor is going to pop this year or which vegetable will replace The idea of a robot or 12 in every restaurant means a capital investment in each location which is hard to justify especially in
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Hungry Hens spreads its wings beyond UD campus

And that means thousands up with great deals available exclusively at Hungry Hens Hungry Media also has expanded its business model to address a problem that vexes many mom-and-pop eateries online ordering A recent survey by the National
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