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Grub's up? Lab-grown insect meat could be the future of food production

In a paper for the journal Frontiers in Sustainable Food System, titled “Possibilities for Engineered Insect Tissue as a Food Source,” they laid out …Read more

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Grubs up Lab-grown insect meat could be the future of food production

Culturing beef or pork cells could wind up using more because theres no lab-grown insect meat doesnt mean that there are no players in this space Even if right now theyre still using the traditional method of food production
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Lab-grown insect cells could be the planet-friendly meat of the future

Her feet take her on autopilot through the atrium and up a lab-grown insect meat has recently received not everyone is convinced its the way of the future The Good Food Institute a
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Lab-grown insect meat may be key ingredient in future meals

The future of environmentally friendly food may rely heavily on lab-grown up for mass food production Many insect cells however can be grown free-floating in a suspension of growth media to allow cost-effective high-density cell generation The
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The case for a nutrition revolution

In the run-up to NewsHour Weekends special series The Future of Food Hari Sreenivasan speaks more sort of hard to swallow aspect of meat research which is what they call cell based meats or lab grown meats right where youre actually
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Grubs up roasted crickets to go on sale at London food chain

Environmental experts have long recommended insects as a sustainable food source that could help cut food poverty and reduce the damaging impact of meat production insect protein as a key food of the future In the UK food choices are becoming
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Climate-conscious foodies swap beef for bugs

Aspire was doubling production diners explore insect cuisine Eat Grub39s most popular retail products are energy bars made with ground-up crickets sold by Ocado Britain39s first national grocer to stock an insect-based food product
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