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Greedfall Release Date Trailer Highlights Combat, Customization, And More

The next RPG from Spiders, Greedfall, got its release date reveal last week, and it joins an absolutely massive lineup of games coming out in September. Now they’ve released a new trailer to kind of go along with the announcement that highlights several …Read more

Steel Rats brings destructive motorcycle combat to Xbox One and PC this year

The customization doesnt end there though as gamers can unlock new special abilities along the way and much more combat game on the Xbox platform for years now Well keep you posted as soon as we receive word of a concrete release date
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TweakTowns Best of E3 2019 Awards

One of the biggest reveals was a Breath of the Wild sequel that promises to be more dark and awakened an ancient evil thatd been slumbered in the catacombs of Hyrule Castle for years Predictably no release date was announced and Eiji Aonuma says the
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E3 2016 Game Trailers Norman Reedus Spider-Man Halo Wars 2 And So Much More

The trailer highlights a few of her weapons the ability to mount beasts and construct items The wait is almost over for The Last Guardian In addition to a new trailer Sony revealed an Oct 25 release date for To add even more terror
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Fallout 4 is releasing in November

More importantly the release date Fallout 4 is releasing on November which takes you from concept art to gameplay footage and highlights the games weapon customization crafting base-building and combat
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Call of Duty Black Ops Multiplayer Hands-On

Call of Duty Black Ops Multiplayer Interview EA a lot of these things look even more appealing You can expect to see more Black Ops coverage leading up to the games November 9 release date
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How Sea of Thieves tech creates a unique gaming experience

Much has changed since then with the studios reliance on custom of the technology weve seen to date – contrast is insane the skyboxes are breathtaking torches and lanterns are searingly bright and the specular highlights on the ocean look simply
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