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Greece storm: Where is the bad weather in Halkidiki and will my holiday be affected?

A 39-year-old man and a boy, aged two, who are believed to be from Russia, died after a tree fell on their vehicle, according to the Greek Reporter. Two elderly Czech nationals were killed when strong winds swept away their travel trailer in Halkidiki, police …Read more

Greece storm Where is Halkidiki and will my holiday be affected

Our family got caught in severe and unexpected tropical storm time in my 25-year career that I have lived through something like this It was so abrupt and so sudden Officials have declared a state of emergency in Halkidiki and Greeces newly
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Greece holiday horror – six killed in freak Halkidiki hail storm

Terrifying television footage showed strong winds sweeping through a restaurant in the Halkidiki peninsula There were also widespread power cuts Such severe weather is unusual in Greece where summers are typically hot and dry Meteorologist Klearxos
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Legislators From Eight States Have Now Called on ATT to Negotiate in Good Faith and Restore Nexstars Stations and Programming

Consumers and viewers affected Greece has increased to six after an injured child died overnight Emergency services officials said Thursday that around 65 people had been injured of whom 35 were hospitalized after the storm hit the northern
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Beauty category looks to weather pending storm

The results Sales are slowing in the 86 billion category though it appears that some will weather the storm better than others overall health of the cosmetics industry may not be as bad as the research suggests this sector is clearly in
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Weather talk Is there a way to make it interesting

It concludes poignantly Then the downpour ceased to my affected by the weather Its different if youve booked ahead to stay for a weekend as youre already committed When the sun shines we tend to spend more spontaneously book that camping
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Winter storm Xyler will spread snow and colder temperatures

Snow was falling in parts of the Dakotas Minnesota northern Iowa Chicago Wisconsin as of Saturday morning weathercom reported with some severe storms possible The storm system that affected the East Coast on Friday has now exited the region
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