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Govt silently increases petrol, diesel prices

ISLAMABAD.: The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government on Wednesday silently dropped an oil bomb on the consumers by increasing petroleum products prices up to 10% weeks before the Eidul Azha. Previously, the finance ministry used to issue …Read more

Govt increases petrol price by Rs515 per litre for August

In the latest development the government increased the price of petrol motor spirit by Rs515 per litre and Rs565 for High Speed Diesel HSD Similarly the price of kerosene was increased by Rs538 and Rs89 for Light Diesel Oil LDO Earlier on
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Petrol diesel set to get cheaper but Modi govt has already taken the money from you

Petrol and diesel prices shot up by Rs 25 per litre immediately after the government raised cess and excise duty by Re 1 per litre each in the budget VAT by the states has also been marginally increased Petrol in Delhi was selling for Rs 7341 per litre
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Committee raises August prices of gasoline diesel

AMMAN The governments fuel pricing committee an Energy Ministry statement The price per litre of unleaded 95-octane gasoline will increase to JD1 in August compared with JD0970 in July The prices of diesel and kerosene will go up to JD0605
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Petrol price increased by Rs 515 per litre

In the latest development the government increased the price of petrol motor spirit by Rs 515 per litre and High Speed Diesel HSD by Rs 565 Similarly the price of kerosene was increased
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Odisha Raised Rs 5571 Crore VAT From Petrol Diesel in 2018-19

The Minister also said that the state government has not increased VAT on petrol and diesel since January 2016 to keep the prices of petrol and diesel stable
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Govt increases excise duty on petrol diesel

increase the price of diesel and petrol as they are de-regulated the government can reduce this increase in excise duty to lessen the burden on customers He said the increase in excise duty will not impact the share prices or valuations of the three
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