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Government In Iran Struggles To Provide Affordable Food Amid Shortages

The Iranian parliament held a session behind closed doors on Monday, July 29, to discuss the problem of providing essential goods, including food, …Read more

US plan to help Yemenis obtain humanitarian aid falters amid growing food crisis

The push to rehabilitate the Red Sea port of Hodeida a vital sea link severely damaged amid Yemens ongoing civil war comes as a grinding conflict puts millions of Yemenis in acute need of humanitarian aid and relief agencies struggle to get needed
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Families struggle to eat healthily amid rising food bills and shrinking budgets

We dont have trouble keeping to our budget in other areas although with fuel bills rocketing up were fortunate our flat is a heat trap but when it comes to food its a constant struggle government are not doing enough to promote affordable
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Irans economy in spiral meltdown

The Iranian rial has hit a record low against the US dollar amid struggle to feed their families against a background of record temperatures power outages water shortages and food prices that have risen by more than 50 percent RELATED When Irans
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Venezuela Sees Chavez Friends Rich After His Death Amid Poverty

One area where Chavezs chosen few wield immense power is in the distribution of food More than 20000 government shops and canteens are supposed to provide Venezuelans Maduro blames food shortages on smugglers speculators and corporate opponents
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Did the US leave behind a civil war in Iraq

Meanwhile Shia leaders in Nuri al-Malikis coalition government aim to consolidate their rule over the country as a whole These schisms have detonated a political crisis Sectarianism cannot provide jobs electricity food nor housing for working
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Can startups help solve Middle East water crisis

Amid exacerbating water shortages hitting the Middle Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon in order to provide sustainable solutions to their ongoing problems This system provides energy water and also food for them and can also be used by anyone in
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