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Gov. Wolf bashes plan to end food stamp exception USDA proposed after millionaire obtained benefit

Individuals who were eligible for another form of welfare, the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), could automatically qualify for food …Read more

Despite previous governors refusals McDonnell issues Confederate history month proclamation

We basically decided to bide our time and wait until we had more favorable politicians in Richmond Dorsey said the governors stamp of approval would help the group publicize the month and aide tourism efforts in the state As I read it this
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Taxing the Rich

That hurts everyone the lower end of cried wolf like that Hill says But the wolf is here Maryland created a special tax on rich people that was supposed to bring in 106 million Instead the state lost 257 million Former Gov
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Pay attention Australia – inequality wont just affect US politics

It is a different story at the other end of the spectrum On almost any measure living standards for American workers have taken a hammering Data compiled by the Federal Reserve of St Louis show student loans food stamps and health insurance costs have
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McCain Gives Economy Speech in Ohio Warning Against Dangerous Threesome of Democratic Leaders

I have been through tough times like this before and the American people can trust me — based on my record and results — to take strong action to end this already proposed another 300 billion spending spree they are calling a stimulus plan
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Stories for April 2014

Two years after the Fairfax Kentucky Derby Benefit on Saturday This year state First Lady Dorothy McAuliffe is serving as the benefits honorary chair We are honored to have Mrs McAuliffe as our Honorary Chair for our 2014 Kentucky Derby
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Cannabis State-By-State Regulations

This information includes IP addresses browser type Internet service provider ISP referringexit pages operating system datetime stamp and clickstream data We use this information to analyze trends to administer the Website and our Services
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