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Google rolls out Popular Dishes feature on Google Maps created using crowdsourced images

You clicked it, tagged it and Google created a feature thanks to your contributions. For months, Google has been asking Google Maps users to tag restaurant dishes by clicking pictures and adding names to them. Through this, Google created a bank of …
For months, Google has been askingThere’s also an option to edit reviews and mark changes like wrong dish names, inappropriate dish name and dish not served here.
Moreover, Google Map users can tap the + button to add their own images of dishes as well as tag them to help Google better its Popular Dishes recommendations. You Can Also Read Google Camera update brings Dark Mode, UI changesMicrosoft introduces Google Lens-like Character Recognition in Excel for iOS to convert smartphone photos into spreadsheetsWhatsApp update allows consecutive audio message playback on AndroidAt the end of the day, this feature is made possible because of contributions from people around the world who want to help others using Google Maps.
So if you want to pay it forward to the next diner, simply take a photo of your meal (before you’ve scarfed it down!) and add a dish name so others can know what’s good on the menu, Google noted in a blog post.Popular Dishes is now live on Google Maps for Android devices worldwide and will be rolled out to iOS users in the coming months.

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