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Google patent shows foldable phone with multiple screens

Google is believed to be working on a foldable phone with multiple displays. The patent shows a device with multiple panels that are held together by a hinged spine, mimicking a regular book. By Tech Desk |New Delhi | Published: June 30, 2019 11:35:27 am …Read more

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Motorola RAZR V4 Introduction, the Foldable Smartphone is here,The Legend Reborn!!

Microsoft Surface Phone 2018 (Foldable Phone) Fresh Concept and Introduction – SAK!!!

Samsung Galaxy Flex 2020 Future Smartphone Concept with Flexible Display

Googles bizarre folding smart book has multiple screens instead of pages

Do foldable smartphones only need to have one screen when you open them up Google doesnt think so based on a recently discovered patent that shows a smart book with multiple screens inside just like a regular book The images that accompany the
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Google patents a foldable phone with multiple pages

Google is considering to use flexible screens on the inside as multiple pages Just when the world was settling with the idea of a foldable phone Google has now filed for a patent that shows a foldable phone with multiple pages While the idea behind how
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Google Has A Patent For A Foldable Phone With Multiple Displays

The patent also describes the ability for content to begin on one screen and continue on the next panel after you flip the page Its not clear if Google actually has A book-style phone with multiple foldable displays that could be flipped like pages
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Google loses the plot patents ebook with multiple digital pages

The year 2019 has seen manufacturers trying to get foldable The patent describes a device with multiple pages like a book All the screens are held together by a book spine and would allow users to scroll through with ease The patent shows 5 pages
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Google patent shows a foldable smart book with multiple screens

A patent Google filed back in 2018 was recently discovered and it takes on the idea of foldable devices in a different direction Instead of having just one internal screen this patent toys with the idea of having multiple screens making it look like a
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Google foldable phone patent appears online folds like a book

The patent shows that the device combines multiple OLED screens through a book cover spine and other components like battery processor camera etc are on the rear The Google foldable phone display panel is located inside the device and it can
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