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Google offers increased payouts to security researchers

Every passing second, new technology is being introduced. Customer satisfaction is the core key for any business to succeed, different companies try to provide a variety of services to make its users more dependable on their platform and to grow their …Read more

Google increase the rewards on offer to researchers and whitehats

Google set to increase The Google Security Blog post has the details What I found quite astounding is the volume of reports that have resulted in over US5 Million payout to researchers
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This Week In AI Stats Up To 50 Failure Rate In 25 Of Enterprises Deploying AI

regularly by Google Assistant Google Amazons fastest growing highly skilled jobs over the last five years are data mapping specialist 832 growth data scientist 505 solutions architect 454 security engineer 229 and business analyst
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Google Increases Bug Bounty Payouts

The top payout During Google Pwnium events which are typically co-located alongside Hewlett-Packards Pwn2own event Google offers the promise of a larger prize In 2012 Google paid out 60000 for a Chrome bug to a security researcher only known
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Google will now pay bigger rewards for discovering Chrome security bugs

You can read about how Google rates reports right here But in both cases the potential reward size is being increased The maximum payout for a program that lets researchers write automated
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The Routers Obstacle-Strewn Route to Home IoT Security

It is newly minted conventional wisdom that not a single information security conference goes by without a presentation about the abysmal state of Internet of Things security While this is a boon for researchers IT posts at Google and Cloudflare
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Google has paid security researchers over 15 million for bug bounties 34 million in 2018 alone

In the past year alone the company distributed 34 million to 317 different security researchers total payouts around the 3 million mark Still Googles security team continues to expand the program to encompass more products and offer more
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