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Google May Make Disruptive Migration To AMD EPYC In Cloud Data Centers

AMD is on a roll with its Zen CPU and Navi GPU architectures, the former of which is proving particularly compelling to customers across the board. Intel still dominates in overall semiconductor sales, but AMD is not exactly playing second fiddle, or at least it’s …Read more

AMD launches its Epyc server chip to take on Intel in the data center

Its not just the folks at AMD who hope allow people to make smaller servers so you can have a higher density and density is key particularly with the hyperscalers or even people in hosting Essentially Epyc allows data centers to fit more servers
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AMD Charges Back into the Datacenter and HPC Workflows with EPYC Processor

Aware there may be market reluctance are we coming back with EPYC were also discussing follow-on products so when customers move with us today on EPYC they know they have a safe home and a migration path with Rome AMD has committed to socket
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AMD Announces EPYC Processors Now Available on Amazon Web Services

For R5 instance customers the memory bandwidth advantage of AMD EPYC processors is ideal for in-memory processing data mining flow or obtain external financing it may face a cash shortfall and be unable to make all of its planned investments
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Intel Aims Latest Xeon Server Chips at Evolving Data Centers

At the same time some hyperscale cloud players like Google are working on their own processors But Intel is not sitting idly by while its challengers make their advances to more cloud- and software-based data centers and the new workloads that
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FAQ What Arm servers on AWS mean for your cloud and data center strategy

SEE Data using AMD EPYC-powered M5A instances As AMD and Intel are both x86-64 this type of migration should be absolutely transparent If you have some need for debugging or testing software on Arm v8 perhaps for a client attempting to make
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AMDs Next Horizon Event What You Need To Know

The analyst expects a detailed update on specs and launch dates for the EPYC 2Rome server CPU and Vega GPU optimized for data centers the 10nm Ice Lake may not be available before 2020 the analyst said The Street estimates AMDs 201819 server
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