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Goldman Tries to Exorcise Ghost of Real Estate Past With New Fund

The new real estate unit is part of a broader reorganization engineered by Goldman Chief Executive David Solomon, who took over last fall.Read more

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Goldman Tries to Exorcise Ghost of Real Estate Past With New Fund

Goldman Sachs Group Incs newly reorganized real-estate investment unit is reviving a fund business that the firm shut down after it suffered steep losses during the financial crisis The new group is raising a 25 billion real-estate fund structured
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Murder houses The haunting final chapter in true-crime stories

Cars sometimes drive past slowly replace the windows add new landscaping and paint the brick faade a different color Get it back to a normal house outside said one real estate agent Everyone stops talking about it then
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Alphabet Soup Of Income Investments One MLP One CEF One REIT To Consider

On Halloween we got a visit from the ghost of markets past MF Global a major global financial derivatives broker run by Goldman Sachs US Senate and New Jersey re still trying to bottom fish REIT reef The Danger Commercial real estate still
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Why running away from a haunted house is harder than you think

If you bought a home and found a spooky ghost in the closet this Halloween you might be able to run away from him but not your real estate contract But dont bother trying to get out of your contract if you discover there was a murder or a
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Strange sad days at the Mall of America Sears

Good luck to anyone trying to buy a watch at the Mall of America Sears theres no one at the to create Sears Holdings Corporation The new mega-conglomerate was headed by Eddie Lampert a former Goldman Sachs whiz kid who at 26 started his own
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The best of 100 issues

In 2008 the record for the biggest co-op sale was set three times first when hedge fund manager NYCs future ghost towers In early 2009 when the real estate market was in the darkest of places The Real Deal surveyed the new development landscape
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